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Important Announcements regarding Community Choice ATMs

Drive-up ATM Now Available at our Downtown Des Moines Branch!

Visit our Downtown Des Moines branch at 700 E Lyon Street for convenient use of our new Drive-up ATM!


Allpoint ATM Network UPDATE:

Community Choice Credit Union has been notified of a display error in the Allpoint ATM Network that incorrectly states members will be charged for their cash withdrawal transactions.

If you encounter this display error, please disregard and complete your transaction. You will see on your receipt that you have NOT been charged.

The Allpoint ATM Network is currently working to correct this issue and is in the process of removing the display error from their machines.

Community Choice Credit Union apologizes for this error and we appreciate your patience as this error is being resolved!



Why Did Community Choice Switch to the AllPoint ATM Network?

Our members are the heart of our credit union.  This is why we are always searching for how we can best serve their financial needs.  At CCCU, we recently made the switch to a new debit/credit card processor to help improve the products and services available to our members. 

This switch was made to:

  • Provide 24/7/365 card support
  • Deploy award-winning online banking platform with mobile app (Planned for first half of 2018)
  • Reduce cardholder fraud and member liability
  • Improve relationship savings opportunities
  • Allow for full Debit Rewards programs in the near future
  • Increase ATM skimming notification and reporting (ATM skimming has become more prevalent in Central Iowa.  This is when a device is illegally placed on an ATM to capture cardholder information which allows thieves to steal money quickly and easily from individuals.)

This switch entailed the move to the Allpoint ATM network.  The Allpoint ATM network provides access to a greater number of surcharge free ATMs.  Currently there are over 55,000 ATMs in the All Point network.

We recognize that some of the ATMs that you have been accustomed to using may now assess a surcharge for use by that ATM owner.  Our hope is that you can avoid surcharge fees via Allpoint ATMs, CCCU owned ATMs, online banking/bill pay channels, and debit card cash-out during store purchases.

We believe that with CCCU you are making a smart choice for your financial institution.  In fact, the latest Raddon report shows that CCCU rates in the top 20% of its peers nationwide for overall member giveback.

Thank you for your understanding in why the switch was made.  We hope you start to notice many of the new benefits as they become available to you, our members.




Common FAQs regarding your CCCU debit card and ATMs.

Will my current debit card still  work with any ATM?
Yes.  Your debit card will still work with any ATMs.  Also, with your EMV enabled debit card, you can be assured overall improved payment security.

Will all ATMs that are not Allpoint network issue a surcharge fee?
No.  Some owners have certain ATMs that do not charge a surcharge fee.  You would have to use the ATM and see if it charges you a fee to be sure.

I used an Allpoint ATM and the "surcharge message" screen said I would be assessed a surcharge for the transaction I was attempting. Will I be charged? Why does this happen?
No. Due to the technical limitations of certain types of ATM machines, we are not able to prevent the "surcharge message" screen from appearing on some Allpoint ATMs. You should continue the transaction by answering "yes" on this screen. When you get your receipt, you'll see that you were not assessed a surcharge (e.g., the withdrawal amount on your receipt will show $20, $40, $60, etc., as opposed to $21.50, $41.50, $61.50, etc. shown when you pay a surcharge).

The Allpoint ATM Network is currently working to correct this issue and is in the process of removing the display error from their machines.

My card is a participating card from an Allpoint member financial institution; but when I used an Allpoint ATM, I was assessed a surcharge fee. How can I get a surcharge refund for these fees?
We apologize for your inconvenience. Please visit our surcharge refund page to submit your surcharge refund request directly or call the Allpoint Network Service Line at 800-809-0308. We will promptly investigate the matter and will refund the surcharge fees you were assessed if the ATM was in fact an Allpoint ATM.

Your web site listed a certain ATM as part of your network, but when I went to use the ATM, the Allpoint logo was not on the machine. Is this ATM still surcharge-free?
Yes. All ATMs listed on our ATM locator are surcharge-free, even if the Allpoint logo is not on the ATM.

Are there any limitations to how many times I can use an Allpoint ATM?
Participating cardholders of Allpoint member financial institutions are entitled to an unlimited number of surcharge-free transactions at Allpoint ATMs.

Can I still use ATMs that are not part of Allpoint?
Yes. Your ATM card will continue to work at ATMs that are not included in the Allpoint network. However, the amount, if any, surcharge fee that you will be assessed at such non-participating ATMs will be determined solely by the owner and operator of that ATM and not eligible for reimbursement by CCCU or Allpoint.

Can I use an Allpoint ATM branded by another financial institution?
If that institution participates in Allpoint Network, ATMs on the Allpoint Locator are guaranteed surcharge-free regardless of location branding. The ATM should have an acceptance mark with the Allpoint logo in addition to being on the Locator.